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Wonderbon Original Hot Chocolate

Wonderbon Original Hot Chocolate


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Wonderbon Hot Chocolate is thoughtfully crafted and sourced from the best Italian chocolate. And we’re ready for you to drink – just shake, pour into a mug, heat and enjoy.

No need to refrigerate! We use couverture, a high quality chocolate that contains a greater percentage of cocoa butter. This makes Wonderbon super-creamy, but also means that it can thicken when chilled. If that happens, just bring the can to room temperature, shake and it will pour smoothly.


Organic Milk Chocolate

Organic Bittersweet Chocolate

Organic Demerara Sugar

Organic Acacia

Organic MCT Oil

Organic Vanilla Extract

Himalayan Pink Salt

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  • Shake

  • Pour

  • Heat

  • Enjoy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rosa Hu
AMAZING & DELICIOUS Hot chocolate!

This hot chocolate is velvety smooth and incredibly flavorful. Absolutely delicious - I would pick this over making hot chocolate myself any day. Perfect gift for friends and family!

Paul Van Brenk
Remind me of European Christmas markets

This hot chocolate reminds me of the hot chocolate I had as a kid at European Christmas markets.

Terry Lydon
Perfect taste and packaging

I received my 4 cans of WonderBon 2 weeks ago. Immediately tried one our. Heated it on the stove versus microwave. It was the right flavor, not too sweet, and just the right amount of thickness, very smooth and delightful to drink! Great job!

B Buxton
Had me at first sip

Thick, Sweet, one of the best Hot Chocolates!

Morgan Penney
Chef's Kiss!

WOW! I figured this would be good, in the way that all hot chocolate is good, but this BLEW ME AWAY! I am officially addicted.