Welcome to Wonderful

The Wonderbon Chocolate Co. is a new chocolate experience that begins and ends with flowing chocolate.

Our rich and foamy Cold Hot Chocolate is crafted from pure melted chocolate (never cocoa powder!), blended with oat milk and coconut cream and chilled to perfection. The result is an experience that will surprise and delight even the most seasoned chocolate lovers.

This is a new realm of hot chocolate imagination.

We are currently in our spring and summer break! If you like to contact us email us at alex@wonderbon.com

We are sold out - more to come in Winter of 2022

  • The Wonderbon Difference

    Wonderbon Cold Hot Chocolate is a cold, canned concoction for chocolate lovers everywhere - made with nearly an entire bar of real melted chocolate. Current hot chocolates on the market are cocoa powder based and flavorless. Wonderbon is here to give chocolate lovers everywhere an unparalleled chocolate experience--whenever and wherever they want.

  • Our Story

    Alex Atzberger is a hot chocolate aficionado who grew up in Europe and studied in the US. He always believed in the concept of melted and liquid chocolate. Hot chocolate from powders were always a disappointment. He made it his dream and mission to bring quality hot chocolate to more people.

    Today, Alex and the team at Wonderbon is creating a new experience of chocolate drinks that use premium ingredients.

  • What's Next for Wonderbon?

    We love to hear your feedback on our Milk Chocolate Cold Hot Chocolate. Many more flavors are in the works!